About Africa Entertainment Network

We are a social networking community for entertainers, entertainment lovers, and business professionals.

Our platform comprises all genres - we are a melting pot for Arts, Culture and Entertainment.

We hope to synergize among ourselves, promote ourselves and our businesses, careers, events, etc. This platform is hub to also educate ourselves on different subjects, cultures, health, entertainment, events, history, etc.

1. To have a network of all the elements of entertainment in Africa and other nations of the world together for the purpose of synergy, socializing and doing profitable business with others or organizations via an online entertainment forum

2. To build a strong international physical network for business entrepreneurship among African artistes, aspiring talented youths and business personalities. We will like to disvover, groom, promote and market creative talents and ideas, giving everyone an opportunity to be economically empowered.

1. To build the biggest, vibrant, and profitable Network of African Entertainers and business professionals - a network where all genres of arts and entertainment in Africa are brought under one umbrella, and provided with care, privileges and opportunities to become professionals and successful in their chosen careers

2. To connect talents with resources, connecting Stars with fans, Upcoming artistes with established artistes in Africa and beyond.

Group Chat: We have chatrooms on WhatsApp and BBM where we mingle, chat, promote our businesses, educate each other, know each other a little more. This is the social media arm of AEN.

Quarterly Meetings: Each AEN Chapter meets every 3 months. During these meetings, we discuss issues affecting the Chapter, projects and then entertain ourselves and have fun. This is how we bond, build trust and mutual/interpersonal relationship among members.

AEN members can also showcase their talents through music, drama and comedy.

Annual Tours: Every year we take a tour to a significant place or landmark, in or outside Nigeria.

Charity: Twice in a year, we contribute and visit an orphanage, Elders home, or donate to the less privileged.

Monthly Dues: We contribute monthly dues to take care of refreshment during our meetings, to celebrate members' birthdays, naming ceremonies and weddings. Dues are for members welfare, charity and not meant for projects.

End of Year Parties: Every November or December, we gather in Lagos to party.

AEN Ventures: AEN has business ventures which include AEN music label, Fashion line, TV series/movies, and plans to go into agriculture. Members are encouraged to be part of these or to invest in any of these ventures.